P23 for Collin Veijer in Jerez after a crash

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Collin Veijer was Sunday in the race part of the mid-pack group and eying points for the top fifteen until he slipped off at Turn 6 with five laps to go. Collin remounted to finish in 23rd.

Starting the race from 19th on the grid, the young Dutchman, Collin Veijer, lost a few positions but fought his way up to 15th through his perseverance and was again on course for points when he crashed at turn six on lap 13 of 19. The rookie rejoined the race and eventually finished in 23rd position. Although the disappointment about the lost points may be great at first, the 18-year-old Veijer impressively showed what a snappy racer he is.

Collin Veijer: "The start was quite good but in turn two, some riders passed me again. Either way, I really didn't feel too bad at all. During the race, I felt a lot of sliding in the rear. I went sideways into every corner which made it difficult to control the front. Finally, in turn 6, I crashed. Overall I am happy with the last lap but obviously not happy about the result. I just hope to make it better in the next race. But before, I hope to find something in the test next week that helps me gain some more confidence, especially in the front."

Before the traditional Le Mans Circuit hosts the fifth Grand Prix weekend from the 12th - 14th of May in a fortnight's time, there will be tests at the Andalusian circuit following the Jerez Grand Prix on Tuesday, where Collin Veijer and Ayumu Sasaki want to pave the way to further successes with their crews.

Full Results: session-for-spa-moto3-rac

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