Collin Veijer hunts for success with Dynamic Ear Filter

Collin Veijer hunts for success with Dynamic Ear Filter

Dynamic Ear Filter, a leading innovator in hearing protection technology, is thrilled to announce a new sponsorship agreement with rising Moto3 star Collin Veijer.

Veijer, a 19-year-old Dutch phenom, has already carved an impressive path in the motorcycle world. From his early victories in the Dutch Minibike Championship to his recent podium finish and race win in the Grand Prix Moto3 class, Veijer’s talent and dedication are undeniable.

This partnership aligns perfectly with Dynamic Ear Filter’s mission of promoting hearing health and preventing noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) – a serious concern for motorcycle riders exposed to constant high decibel levels. Emphasizing that the earplugs are not only suitable for professional, but also for recreational motorcyclists.

“We’re incredibly proud to support Collin Veijer as he continues his meteoric rise in the Grand Prix Moto3 World Championship,” said Jan-Willem, Managing Director at Dynamic Ear Filter. “Collin embodies the passion and dedication required for success on the track, and we share his commitment to protecting his health, both on and off the bike.”

Veijer echoed the sentiment: “Hearing is critical for a rider – it allows you to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Dynamic Ear Filter’s innovative technology provides me with the protection I need to perform at my best, while still allowing me to hear the vital sounds of the race.”

This exciting collaboration underscores Dynamic Ear Filter’s commitment to the motorcycle community and its dedication to helping riders like Veijer achieve their full potential on the track, all while prioritizing their long-term hearing health.